I am an artist and educator examining the role technology plays in social organization and reinforcing hegemonic structures. I am committed to creating educational and artistic spaces that foreground pleasure and celebration, that make it possible for people to learn socially, ambiently, and holistically. As a founding member of the Cybernetics Library and the collective Soft Surplus, I strive to cultivate spaces of learning and feeling that are open to the possibility of trauma. Educational environments can be places where we model sustainable support structures and practice honoring each learner's truest needs and identities. The Cybernetics Library is an art and research collective offering resources for study and critique of technosocial systems and Soft Surplus, a collective art space for learning together by making things near each other. I am the lead organizer of Code Societies and Digital Love Languages at the School for Poetic Computation. I care about affirming the ways people are already adept at interacting and processing their environments. My work re-codes conventions of norms, interfaces, and sex, through software, installation, and new choreographies of exchange.

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In summer 2020, I am teaching Digital Love Languages, where code is cultivated as a love language that can be gentle, healing, and intimate. This class is held online for 10 weeks as part of the School for Poetic Computation's Summer 2020 session.

In Winter 2020, I organized Code Societies with Neta Bomani & Emma Rae Norton; a 3 week intensive educational program at the School for Poetic Computation in it's 3rd iteration. Check out the blog post on Cybernetics of Race/ism & Sex/ism as well as our Code Societies Oral History Recordings.